225 Main Street  PO Box 808
Point Arena, CA 95468
(707) 882-3114
Coast Community Library
survives in large part thanks to the
support it receives from monetary
donations and donations of time
from its many volunteers.
We are always looking for people to
join us in this effort.  If you have
some time to devote to an essential
community resource, please contact
our Library Associate, Julia Larke
at 882-3114,  she will tell you all
about how to become a volunteer
or donate to our non-profit
You can also email us at
Friends of Coast Community Library was founded in 1989.
To learn about its Vision, Goals, Strategies and Mission read our
Mission Statement.
To read an account of the early days by founding member Fionna Perkins click on
Who Was That Guy?
Find out what's happening at the Board...
FOCCL Board of Directors
Join us for the Board Meeting
Check with FOCCL Board President Nancy Morin