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Do you garden? Are you a seed saver? If not, would you like to be?
This new project of Coast Community Library relies on you, the community gardeners, to keep
successful varieties going in our gardens.
The way it works is simple; you borrow some seeds grown by someone else in the community, you grow the plant in
your garden, harvest the seeds, keep some for yourself, and return some of those seeds to the exchange with the
necessary information on growing conditions so that others may grow them. Membership and borrowing seeds is free.
A seed saving workshop is planned for this spring. Volunteering will be encouraged as the tasks increase. There will
be materials to help you in your saving – methods, times, storage tips – and lists of resources – books and online
sources.As the project progresses your input is welcome so that it can be improved.

High Mowing Organic Seed is a good resource for
information. They are in Vermont so not a good source for
local growers and I wouldn't recommend commercial seed
companies is any case. But their information is free.

I wouldn't use their vegetable planting guide since they have a
totally different climate. So here is one you could use:
Planting Guide from the California Master Gardener Handbook
Become a member of the Seed Exchange.
Download a
Membership Application
Community Seed Exchange
A Project of the Coast Community Library

Need a planting chart ?
There are charts available at the library.
They are copied from Golden Gate
Gardening by Pam Peirce and relate to our 2
main micro-climates -more fog and more sun.
I have found her chart helpful in the past.
General charts are not applicable to us here
on the coast. Take a copy or make one
yourself  or scan it to a flash drive and email
it to yourself or just email the scan. So many
ways to have information now.

Bountiful Gardens Seed Company (connected to Ecology Action) has ceased operations and the
seed libraries of the Mendocino County Library system is benefitting from a donation of their
remaining seeds. Here at our seed exchange we have the following which is only some of the
many that were donated to us. The seeds were packed for 2018.

Cherry Belle Radishes and others
Stupice Tomatoes and others
Patty Pan Golden Squash and others
Matador Spinach and others
Beneficial Insect Wildflower Mix
Gilfeather Turnip and others
Mammoth Sunflower and others
Pacific Beauty Mixed Calendula
Tatsoi Greens and other Asian greens
Beans – a few varieties
Field Peas
Chia seeds

You may come by the library to get them now or, if there are any left – and I am pretty sure
there will be- wait and get them at our
Seed Event in February following the Seed and Scion
Swap in Boonville on February 10, 2018 from which I hope to get even more seeds.

We ask that you become a member of the seed exchange which means that you will try to grow
out some of your crop and return those seeds to the exchange so we can keep successful
varieties going on local seed. It is easy and free to join.